Anchoring Youth In Christ ~ In His Will ~ In His Time



            1. Fearlessly, often recklessly daring; bold.                                          Synonyms adventurous, brave

            2. Unrestrained by convention or propriety; insolent.


 Welcome to the dawn of a dream that is

                    Christian Tall Ship  Ministries

                                                                 and a true gift from God.

CTSM is a combination of tall ship sailing and youth ministry focused on building Godly men, with the grace and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ, to help lead our future and further His kingdom.

Tall ship ministry will bring back to our youth some very fundamental personal traits such as:

            • Trust
              • Respect
                • Love
                  • Honor
                • Courage
                  • Faith
                • Humility
              • Authenticity
            • Truth

CTSM will instill these traits into our students with discipleship, study, worship, and prayer, all the while teaching them to sail a traditionally rigged sailing vessel on the open water.

Through these acts, students will meet the unconditional love and guidance of Jesus Christ

Please travel through the pages of this website to learn more about the beginnings of this audacious ministry.

Thank you and God bless!